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Entry #2

HEY PEOPLE (if any see this anyway)

2014-07-18 20:03:29 by saber988

i have been inactive for a long while and i am proud to share with you all that, yes im a brony, and that i have finally uploaded a picture i created! i am so happy that i finally have a finished product that i feel willing to display to others. (to be honest i never even drew anything prior to my newest art post i recently did. i actually had a great friend of mine teach me how to vector and this took me about a day and a half, give or take a few hours.) please understand that it is my first ever attempt at art work so please...dont be too harsh with the comments? but dont get me wrong, i would LOVE to have some critiques so i can better myself! THANKS


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2014-07-18 20:30:59

Hey people


2014-07-18 22:37:42


saber988 responds:

loving the positive attitude! so much energy!